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When the bank says ‘no’…
You can still get
the funding you need

Providing instant loans to small businesses.
Because no one ever deserves to be turned down.

Your to-do list is probably jam-packed.

But there are those few critical tasks that never get that satisfying strikethrough.

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Because while you have the skill, the know-how and the ambition to run your business, you’re lacking one thing...


You need a loan. 


Capital Aid provides loans to small businesses just like yours.

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Secure your capital

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Improve your cash-flow

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Grow your business


Borrowing money is a big deal. You wouldn't just turn to anyone for funding.

Why Capital Aid?

We’re not just the ‘rescue guy’ who you turn to when you suddenly find yourself strapped for cash.


We’re here to strategically help you grow your business.

Capital Aid gives you:


Ease of use

Apply easily online without excessive paper work



We look at your business’s revenue and cash flow of the last 3 months and do not do comprehensive credit checks. This results in high acceptance rates.



Spending emergencies can arise without warning. Quick loans without brokers offer immediate access to capital.



Whether you need a $5000 loan for advertising costs or $500,000 loan for pieces of equipment, Capital Aid will provide you with a loan customized to your needs.

Focusing on our client over our commission.

That's our belief

Setting your business up for success.

That's our goal

Creating a mutual understanding and a long-term relationship.

That's our guarantee

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We’ve helped 850 
businesses in 2021 alone.

Results of our funding?

- A new pick-up truck for a landscaping company

- An online ad campaign for a dental practice

- A new warehouse for an electrical contractor

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Would you rather communicate with an automated robotic banking system or with a real, approachable human?

Getting approved for a bank loan is a long and painful process.

You apply. You wait. And get refused.

You apply again. You wait. They need address verification.

You reapply. You wait...


They refuse you due to a low credit score rating, insufficient income, or because your existing debt is too high.

Why go through all that when we make it so much easier?

Here’s how you can secure your funding in 3 simple steps.

#1 Apply

Fill out and submit a simple application form.

#2 Underwriting

Our underwriters review your application and present you with an offer.

#3 Funding

You receive your funding

Yes. It’s that easy. That quick. And that smooth.

And it can take as little as 3 hours

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"How on earth am I going to get that ad campaign going?"

"Our inventory is ‘sold out’. How will we purchase more?"

"Our warehouse is run-down and too small. How will we afford to renovate and expand it?"

Lack of funds can result in headache, stress and in a worst-case scenario, a flailing business.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine being able to grow your business in just 2 minutes. It’s possible. Because it takes just 2 minutes to apply.

Get your payroll going, purchase that piece of equipment, even out your cash flow and let your business dreams finally come true.

And... check off every task on your event-filled to-do list.